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General Services

Appointment Procedure

By making an appointment you will ensure optimal utilization of your time and the Institute’s.

You can make an appointment by telephone, email, online request and letter or in person. Appointments are not given for the same day but must be booked at least a day in advance (10am of the previous day if by email or online request).

For a smooth processing of your appointment you can help us by:

  • Providing a list of symptoms/signs to help us to choose the appropriate subspecialty service
  • Providing a known or suspected diagnosis to your eye condition
  • Providing referral information from other health care personnel
  • Mentioning only a general check-up

Appointments are given for a period of 3 months. For follow-up visits within 3 months, appointment with time and date will be given at the time of check-out. If you have been asked to come for a review please collect the appointment date before leaving the institute. For visits beyond 3 months you will have to contact the reception for making the appointment. Please quote your unique patient identification number (MR Number) for seeking any follow-up appointment.

Please come 20 minutes prior to the appointment time so that necessary documentation can be completed and you file placed with your consultant in time.

Please restrict the number of accompanying persons to ones who would be able to assist you in reaching a decision.

Children below 12 years of age are discouraged unless they are patients

It is advisable that children are accompanied by at least one of the parent

Patients who have been operated in the institute and have any untoward complaints are seen at all times and require no prior appointments.


Registration is a one time process that needs to be done during your first visit. During the registration process you will be asked to fill up a form with general information like name, sex, age, date of birth, local and permanent postal address and telephone numbers. Information regarding your complaints, prior ophthalmic consultation elsewhere will also need to be included if applicable.

A unique patient identification number (MR No.) will be assigned to you that would open up a medical file with our medical record department. This number will identify you with our electronic database for all purposes. A small laminated card containing this number will be given to you. You must quote this number each time you visit the institute. If you require any form of assistance like wheel chairs, use of infant feeding room, etc., please contact our counselors at the reception.

Consultation Charges
General Consultation (with appointment) Rs 600 (Supporters: Rs 800)
General Consultation (without appointment) Rs 700 (Supporters: Rs 1000)
Emergency consultation fee (General) Rs 800 (Supporters: Rs 1100)
Follow-up Consultation (Upto 1 week)- (with appointment) Rs 200 (Supporters: Rs 300)
Follow-up Consultation (After 1 week)- (with appointment) Rs 400 (Supporters: Rs 600)
Follow-up Consultation (After 1 week)- (without appointment) Rs 500 (Supporters: Rs 800)
Follow-up Consultation (After 1 month)- (with appointment) Rs 600 (Supporters: Rs. 800)
Follow-up Consultation (After 1 month)- (without appointment) Rs 700 (Supporters: Rs. 1000)
Non Paying Patient Consultation No Charges
(Charges for different out-patient procedures will be informed to you as and when necessary)

[Every payment/cash transaction is recorded in our electronic database. Ensure that you have a bill following each transaction. The institute will not be liable for any transaction not supported by a bill of payment]

For re-imbursement please contact our Patient Care Administrator for assistance

Consultation Procedure

You will be examined in a comprehensive eye examination room by highly trained eye care professionals including your consultant. The basic consultation procedure is divided into various stages: history taking, examination of vision, refraction and spectacle acceptance, examination of the eyes with the slit-lamp, measurement of intraocular pressure, pupil dilatation and examination of the lens and retina. Additional diagnostic procedures will be advised depending on the need and will require additional time.

History, vision recording, refraction, slit-lamp examination, IOP measurement

You can assist us in making these procedures optimal by
  • Arranging your complaints in a chronological manner
  • Mention any previously diagnosed medical and eye conditions or findings
  • Bringing all necessary previous prescriptions including glass prescriptions
  • Bringing previous investigation reports, diagnostic scans, visual filed reports, blood reports
  • Bringing referral letters
  • Some patients are allergic to diagnostic eye drops. Please mention any untoward incidents during any previous eye check-ups to the vision testing professional beforehand
  • Before leaving the consultation room ensure that you have understood what your doctor has said
  • Don’t hesitate to clarify any doubts. Ask repeatedly till you have understood
  • Understand your medications - name, dose, duration, special precautions
  • Write down anything that you are likely to forget

Dilatation of the pupil is necessary for complete and detailed examination of the lens and retina and is advised for all first time examinations. Following dilatation vision is blurred particularly for near and you might suffer from glare. It is advisable to bring an attendant with you. Driving may be proved to be difficult.

Check-out and Review Procedures

Once the examination and consultation is over you will be accompanied by an eye care professional to the check-out area at the reception. Please ensure that you have understood the advice of the consultant. Understand clearly and clarify any doubts regarding the drug dosage and duration. Ensure that you have the prescription with you. A pharmacy is available where you can make all your purchases conveniently as it stocks all the prescribed drugs. A well equipped and reasonably priced optical shop is there within the reception area. Before leaving ensure that you have with you the appointment slip for your next visit. If your next visit is scheduled beyond a period of 3 months you will be required to contact the Institute. If you require any medical report, treatment estimates, referral letters, special laboratory investigations, certificates etc., contact the counselors at the reception. If you would like to leave a feedback, appreciative or critical, suggestions or have any particular grievances please ask at the reception desk. We strive to improve on the existing system with such feedbacks.

Counseling for Surgeries

If you have been advised any surgeries the counseling department is there to explain to you the necessary details, schedule you the necessary investigations and surgery date and time. Trained counselors are there to explain every aspect of the surgical procedure, assist you in arriving at decisions regarding the various treatment packages and counsel you. They will ensure that investigations required before operation are completed and you have had a consultation with the anesthetist for a pre-operative check up.

They will provide you with the time and date of surgery. They will provide you with any surgical cost estimates if you require. If you have medical reimbursements or are employed with companies that have a treatment tie-up with us, the counselors will help with the necessary documentation.

If you cannot keep a surgical appointment please contact the institute at the earliest so that the surgery can be re-scheduled or else the surgical booking amount shall be forfeited and a fresh booking must be made


Investigations are divided into those that are required for reaching a diagnosis to your eye complaint and those which are necessary pre-requisites for surgery. The costs of these are not covered by your consultation charges. All the diagnostic ophthalmic investigations and routine blood investigation and ECG are carried out within the Institute premises. If you require any special diagnostic procedure outside the institute, you will be guided by your consultant. We do not have any financial interests with any laboratories or diagnostic houses but are only guided by the excellent quality of services provided.


We have a limited indoor service as most of our surgical procedures are done on a day care basis. If you are required to be admitted to the institute you will be informed by your consultant. You may choose for admission prior or after surgery if you come from far distance. Only one attendant is allowed with the patient. Both the parents are allowed for children below 15 years. No outside eatables are allowed and you will need to conform to the regulations of the inpatient department. Bed charges are not included in the treatment packages


Suite 1 no.
Deluxe 1 no.
Private 3 nos.
Pediatric 4 nos
General Ward 11 nos
Treatment Ward 5 nos
Non-Paying 25 nos