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DNB (Ophthalmology) Programme

DNB (Ophthalmology) Programme

(Renewal from 2017 – 2020)

The Diplomate of National Board (DNB) Post-Graduate Ophthalmology Program under the aegis of National Board of Education, New Delhi commenced in 2011 with one seat being granted for Primary DNB and one seat for Post-Diploma candidates.

The focus of this program at MGM Eye Institute has been to impart a comprehensive training in clinical procedures, diagnostics and therapeutics in diseases of the eye and visual system. The strength of the program is the exposure of the trainee to entire spectrum of eye diseases as the institute has all the sub-specialty services like cornea & anterior segment, glaucoma, vitreo-retina, oculoplasty, paediatric ophthalmology, squint, neuro-ophthalmology, uveitis, and community ophthalmology.

No of seats

Post MBBS: - 1No.

Post Diploma: - 1No.

Highlights of the Programme

  • The OPDs have high quality slit-lamps, indirect ophthalmoscope, refraction units and diagnostic facilities which the DNB trainees are made to use so as to have hands on experience and better understanding. Postings in contact lens clinic, low vision clinics, custom made ocular prosthesis, eye bank,microbiology laboratory helps in acquiring a variety of ancillary skills.
  • A fully functional wet lab with phaco machine and consumables enable them to learn the surgical steps in a graded manner. This is helpful when they start their surgical training. Their surgical training is supervised closely by consultants.
  • The surgical exposure includes all types of cataract and oculoplasty surgeries and limited vitreo-retinal and corneal procedures.
  • To impart confidence, independent OPD and OR days from DNB final year.
  • To ensure a sound theoretical knowledge regular morning classes are held around the year which includes major reviews, case studies, journal articles, imaging and diagnostics. A collection of specimens, histopathology slides, x-ray, CT and MRI scans are available.
  • To inculcate research, DNB trainees are encouraged to take part in research activities besides their thesis work and present them in conferences.
  • The library is equipped with all standard textbooks and has important national and international journals. It is open 24x7.
  • To expose them to community blindness, the trainees attend community outreach camps independently and perform surgeries on the screened patients.

Overall the program is designed to ensure that the trainees gather a comprehensive knowledge so that on completion, they are able to manage patients independently.

DNB (Ophthalmology) Candidates

Sl. Name of Doctor Place Year of Joining Remarks
1 Dr. Neha Gupta Uttar Pradesh 2011 Cleared Examination in first attempt in 2014
2 Dr.Ipshita Aparajita Nanda Odisha 2012 Cleared Examination in first attempt in 2015
3 Dr.Patel Shailen R Gujarat 2013 Cleared Examination in first attempt in 2016
4 Dr.Kalpit Jangid Rajasthan 2014 Cleared Examination in first attempt in 2017
5 Dr. Priyavrat Bhatia Chhattisgarh 2015 Cleared Examination in first attempt in 2018
6 Dr. Arpit Sharma Madhya Pradesh 2016 Cleared Examination in first attempt in 2019
7 Dr. Deepanshu Agrawal Madhya Pradesh 2017 Cleared Examination in first attempt in 2019
8 Dr. Aashish Gangrade Madhya Pradesh 2017 Cleared Examination in first attempt in 2020
9 Dr. Prerna Agrawal Maharashtra 2018 Cleared Examination in first attempt in 2020
10 Dr. Alka Sonkeshri Chhattisgarh 2018 Cleared Examination in first attempt in 2021
11 Dr. Vinamrata Shukla Chhattisgarh 2019 Cleared Examination in first attempt in 2021
12 Dr. Khushboo Dewangan Chhattisgarh 2019 Year of Completion is 2022
13 Dr. Abhishek Singh Maharashtra 2020 Year of Completion is 2022
14 Dr. Arshi Saba Jharkhand 2020 Year of Completion is 2023


“It has been a privilege to be a part of MGM Eye Institute as a DNB trainee. Initially it took me a few days to adjust with the schedule and the environment, but soon the things became easier. All the consultants are excellent teachers and were always there to clear the doubts of students. The regular classes conducted for DNB students were very beneficial to make our fundamentals strong. I really value not only the academic knowledge and surgical skill, but also the practical lessons of patient dealing and management that I have learned here. I really wish that many more students may benefit from the valuable teachings that are been offered here through DNB training..... .”

Dr. Neha Gupta
Batch: Year 2011-14

“I have done over 300 surgeries and am conversant with all the diagnostics as I have done them independently. My presentation skills have improved and in the recent state conference my paper was awarded Appreciation certificate. With my training I am confident of handling any patients with eye diseases....”

Dr. Patel Shailen R
Batch: Year 2013-16

“I am pursuing my DNB (Ophthalmology) training since May 2014 and during the period I felt that my presentation and teaching skills have improved a lot. In my 2.5 years of training I have performed over 500 surgeries and my surgical skills have been improving day by day. Moreover I am handling all diagnostics procedures. All thanks to my Consultants under whom I am learning a lot and also to the MGMEI family members for their constant support. I am privileged to be a part of this training in this prestigious institute and feeling at home for the work culture and support from all......''

Dr. Kalpit Jangid
DNB (Ophthalmology) Batch: Year 2014-17

Having being born and brought up at Chhattisgarh I had heard lots about the clinical and academic excellence achieved by MGMEI. I am at the middle of my second year of residency, and the institute has given me the opportunity to perform more than 600 cataract surgeries independently; along with other surgeries like Dacryocystectomy, Pterygium excision with autograft. We get to witness and assist advanced surgeries like SLET, DSAEK, Pars plana vitrectomy, scleral buckling, penetrating keratoplasty, orbitotomy etc. Even the clinical teaching is of high standards and we get a free hand on all diagnostic procedures. Every week exam oriented case presentations are conducted, with all the consultants giving their words of wisdom. I feel very happy as I have got a chance to pursue post graduate training at MGMEI......''

Dr. Priyavrat Bhatia
DNB (Ophthalmology) Batch: Year 2015-18

When I came to Raipur 2 yearss ago, little did I know that I was to become a part of as great as an institute as MGM Eye Institute. Thanks to this institute, the last 2 years have totally changed my perspective towards clinical practice as well as academics. The academics are outstanding with daily morning lectures and case presentation, journal club on a regular basis. I feel fortunate to study under the guidance of experienced and student friendly consultants. From clinical point of view, I have had immeasurable amount of exposure to the patients including several interesting and rare cases, which I have also had chance to discuss with my consultants. The institute is well equipped with all the recent diagnostic facilities and I get full access to the same, which provide for a wonderful learning experience. In such a short span of time I have assisted Vitreo-retinal surgeries and able to perform cataract surgery independently. I am thankful to all those whose immense support have gone into making me what I am today…….”

Dr. Arpit Sharma
DNB (Ophthalmology) Batch: Year 2016-19

I had joined MGMEI for secondary DNB, as i was not confident enough with knowledge and skill set that i had acquired from my previous course. In my 2 years tenure at MGM not only i have gained knowledge in terms of subject but also i have procured skills required to evaluate a patient in OPD, reach a clear diagnosis and counsel them accordingly, which i feel is very important for a clinician to have. Surgical steps are taught with keep interest, you are being corrected at every step and whenever in doubt your mentor/consultant is there to guide you. I have also revamped my presentation skills, in numerous class presentations that are held on regular basis and you are also motivated for publications, as it is valued to have good academic skills along with clinical skills in today's world. I would say anyone who joins MGM learns not only in terms of subject and surgical skills, but also gets to learn the culture of good and transparent practice, which is being taught to you and inculcated in you from the very beginning.

Dr. Deepanshu Agrawal
DNB (Ophthalmology) Batch: Year 2017-19

After completing my diploma, i joined here as a secondary dnb. i was really delighted to gain acutual knowledge in clinical practice, academics and surgical skills unlike my earlier courses. All the consultants are excellent and very supportive, as they were always there to clear the doubts. The institute is well equipped with all the recent diagnostic facilities and we had easy accessibilty to it.It was great opportunity to be part of a wonderful MGM Family.

Dr. Prerna Agrawal
DNB (Ophthalmology) Batch: Year 2018-20

Now I have completed my tenure as the primary DNB resident at the MGM Eye Institute in July 2020. I felt that this is the best institute to do a residency in ophthalmology. Here, the academics are very good. Morning classes are conducted daily with case presentations and journal clubs. I learned all clinical and diagnostic procedure which was performed in OPD and freely discussed the various cases with consultants during OPD. The institute equipped with almost all the latest ophthalmic instruments and diagnostic machines. I have performed more than 800 cataract surgeries along with various other surgeries. I am very thankful to my teachers, who are available for me at any point in time. I have never been met such fabulous teachers from school. The overall environment of the institute and the behavior of the staff is very familiar, it felt like home. It has been the privilege to complete post-graduation from MGMEI and became a part of such a great institute.

Dr. Aashish Gangrade
DNB (Ophthalmology) Batch: Year 2017-20

“Choosing MGMEI Raipur was the best decision. I have made to pursue my secondary DNB course. It has a perfect environment in which a DNB trainee can acquire best possible in depth knowledge in ophthalmology. All consultants are excellent in their respective subspecialties and are always ready to guide the students. Training conduction is very well disciplined in every aspect involving compulsory daily lectures, presentations, OPD/OT procedures and regular thesis status monitoring. Despite of half of my 2 years residency tenure went in COVID lockdown where whole world was shutdown. This institute has utilized every single day by enhancing our knowledge through daily online classes and has actively motivated to participate in various national/International webinars and research publications. At the end of two years I am very confident to become a practitioner in ophthalmology. I am thankful to director madam, my thesis guide Dr Samrat sir, all consultants and OPD/OT staff for making my 2 years DNB course easy and fruitful. I will always love to be a part of this institute again in future.”

Dr. Vinamrata Shukla
Batch: Year 2019-21