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Glaucoma refers to a group of eye conditions in which there occurs gradual and progressive loss of optic nerve fibres. It is associated with high or normal eye pressure. It may lead to eventual loss of central vision if not taken care of. Although any vision which has been lost to glaucoma cannot be recovered, with early diagnosis, careful monitoring and regular use of treatments, the vast majority of people retain useful sight for life. Mainstay of treatment is medical therapy but when it fails to control, surgery may be needed. Although conventional filtration surgery called trabeculectomy is commonly done, in few complex refractory cases Glaucoma drainage device implant like the Ahmed glaucoma valve will benefit The Glaucoma Services at MGM Eye Institute offers the latest in comprehensive glaucoma care to patients of all ages and for all forms of glaucoma, whether primary or related to complex eye problems. This is one of the few institutes to offer Ahmed glaucoma valve surgery for critical cases.

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An Ahmed Valve or glaucoma drainage valve, is a device that is used to lower intraocular pressure when maximum medical therapy is not enough and conventional glaucoma surgery has high chance of failure or is not feasible. The valve is made of silicone and consists of a micro-tube connected to a small end-plate or reservoir. The tube is surgically inserted into the front part of the eye allowing the aqueous fluid from inside the eye to slowly drain through the tube and into the reservoir which is placed on the outside of the eye under the conjunctiva. The fluid is then naturally absorbed by the surrounding tissue. The slow drainage of fluid is not harmful to the eye and decreases the internal pressure. The valve is not visible to the naked eye after surgery.

Who needs the Implant?

  • Eyes with pervious failed Trabeculectomy
  • Eyes with pervious multiple surgeries
  • Glaucoma associated with uveitis or inflammation
  • Neovascular glaucoma
  • Glaucoma associated with corneal transplant or retinal surgery
  • Traumatic glaucoma

It should be noted that the glaucoma implant is not used to improve vision, but rather to lower intraocular pressure and prevent further vision loss from glaucoma.