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Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery, Orbit & Ocular Oncology

This sub-specialty deals with management of Lid malposition, Ptosis, Eye tumors - which includes tumors of the eyelid and adnexa, ocular surface, intraocular structures, and orbit. Eye lid reconstruction, Cosmetic blepharoplasty, Gold weight implants for facial palsy, scleral spacers for lagophthalmos are other specialized surgeries. This speciality also deals with Lacrimal drainage system. The Institute has acquired the Stryker Oscillating Saw used for the highly specialized complex procedures like Orbitotomies for various orbital tumors. Other complex surgery includes Orbital fracture repair, Orbital decompression for thyroid ophthalmopathy, Optic nerve decompression etc.. Botulinum toxin injection is a wonder drug used in injectable form for cosmetic and functional indications (Hemifacial spasms and Blepharospasm) . The insititute has the Ellman radiofrequency machine which helps in virtual blood less surgery for various eyelid and orbital surgeries.

Life saving procedures:

Certain tumors of the eyes can put life itself at stake. Retinoblastoma is one such tumor that affects the very young and unless managed efficiently is essentially life threatening & have been treated with, chemotherapy , enucleation and other modalities in our institute.

Ocular Prosthesis has a very important role in ophthalmology field specially in oculoplasty area to give a better appearance for the patient who has lost their eye in ocular trauma, infection or other causes, these patient gets mental trauma on how he/she survive the life with the present appearance which also affect his/her social, mental, psychological status. So our most important role is to give “A Vision to life without the Vision” to the patient.