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Low Vision & Sight Enhancement:

Low vision can be defined as impairment of visual functioning in the better eye after treatment (operation or medication) and or standard refractive correction (glasses or contact lenses) and having a best corrected visual acuity of less than 6/18 to light perception or a visual field of less than 10° from the point of fixation but who uses or is able to use vision for planning or execution of task.

One of the primary missions of MGM eye Institute is to deal with people with visual impairment is successful through low vision services which will improve the quality of life of the visually impaired. A complete low vision work up by trained ophthalmologist and intensive counseling helps in assessment of the need and dispense of appropriate low vision devices with the necessary training. In the pediatric age group, vision stimulation adds to the care of children with visual impairment.

The institute is providing various devices, optical and non optical like telescopes to enable distance viewing. These may be hand held, spectacle mounted or monocular that is used in one eye only. Other optical devices of utility like magnifier of various types like stand or hand held ones improve the visual function for near.

Counseling, vocational training, and knowledge of special educational facilities and allowances are imparted to the visually impaired.

Clinical assessment and delivery of various devices is in vogue. However rehabilitation services for the blind is another integral part of sight enhancement which when in place will make care for visually impaired complete.